At Villa della Pergola, Villino della Pergola and Casa del Sole, the exclusive attention paid to every detail, the care we give to the environment and the ambiance, and the selection of the best amenities combine to provide the ideal choice for those seeking exceptional quality and comfort.

Marked by the utmost discretion and efficiency, service at Villa della Pergola, Villino della Pergola and Casa del Sole, are set apart by offering the perfect synthesis between the concept of housekeeping staff and the highest standards in hospitality.

Our modern-day 'housekeeper' takes care of guests, preparing delicious breakfasts with pastries, biscuits and jams made in-house, seasonal fruit and organic products sourced from local suppliers, designing menus to best suit the tastes and preferences of each and every guest.

Each day the management coordinates programmes and welcomes requests in order to organize exclusive private tours, taking guests on a journey to discover the surrounding area, opening the doors to the best venues and restaurants of Liguria.

Our unobtrusive staff – always on hand to attend to your every need – imbue Villa della Pergola, Villino della Pergola e Casa del Sole with the feeling of being a real 'home'

As a reflection of our deep interest in protecting the environment, recent restructuring work to the building engineering aspects of Villa della Pergola, Villino della Pergola and Casa del Sole was carried out paying the utmost attention to energy saving, the optimization of available resources and respect for architectural constraints.

Special consideration was also given to the design of the park's irrigation system in order to limit water consumption as much as possible.