A crazy gesture of love

Villa della Pergola was born from a “crazy” gesture of love. A gesture that made it possible to save the buildings and the Park, and with them the entire hill of Alassio, from a building speculation that in 2006 risked erasing forever a priceless historical, natural and cultural heritage. A late nineteenth century diamond with an Anglo-Indian style, which shines today in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Ligurian coast and opens up the view to a breathtaking panorama of the Gulf and Gallinara Island. A green lung inhabited by thousands of rare plants and flowers, guardian of botanical collections that give life to blooms famous throughout the world.

Protagonists of beauty

Staying at Villa della Pergola means supporting our love project, aware of participating firsthand in this story of rescue and rediscovery. A micro-enterprise project created not by a large group but by people who were born here, a dream of sustainability of the economic fabric of Italian excellence, a microcosm that feeds a precious local and territorial supply chain. Each stay becomes a chapter in a larger story. A journey through time, beauty and commitment towards a sustainable and meaningful future. Be the protagonist, immerse yourself in a world that celebrates the deep connection with nature, culture and history. To testify with us that beauty will save the world.

Heritage and Culture


Green Heritage and Collections


The vision of Food - Sustainable Fine Dining


Zero centimeter sustainability: L'Orto Rampante


This history has also become ours: here we continue to walk and leave footprints that will one day be followed by other generations. But our work doesn't stop. Indeed, today it is more important than ever to continue spreading what this place has represented and increasingly represents, what has been done and how it is still possible and above all necessary to undertake such crazy adventures. Our mission is also your mission. By experiencing the souls of Villa della Pergola, the Relais, the Restaurant and the Gardens, you will not only be guests, but witnesses and protagonists of a commitment that is daily and constant. And which can only continue thanks to you.